GAME RULES: join, have fun, be kind

Joining is easy and free, EVERYONE is welcome:

- sign up for the FREE daily email which contains all the main resources for the daily challenges
- follow hashtag #30days30waysUK daily across social media during 'September is Preparedness Month
- do the daily challenges/activities and cross them off the bingo sheet (download from
- follow/like specific social media accounts that are relevant to you locally (e.g. your LRF, Police, Fire, Health, Council, Met Office.. e.g. see our twitter lists).
! TOP TIP: dip into our extensive YouTube playlist throughout 'September is Preparedness Month'

Feedback - links now live

There will be a chance for feedback towards the end of the campaign with links posted on social media so keep tuned. Your comments are highly valuable to help us make the campaign bigger and better every year. They also contribute to active research. All entries are anonymous and you have full control over the data you provide. Any queries, simply get in touch with us.

- for the general audience public feedback via google quiz and our household preparedness survey
- for #30days30waysUK partners feedback via google quiz


Contribute positively

Our aim is to inspire people from all walks of life to get better prepared for all kinds of emergencies at minimal cost to them. This needs a lot of positive energy because talking about what should never turn into a disaster can be tricky. Fear and anger are poor motivators, not very useful at inspiring potentially life saving preparatory actions. This is why we use a positive psychology approach with humour and a light touch throughout the campaign. Please keep it that way.

- share posts that you find particularly engaging to raise awareness
- like posts when you think they're good
- unsure when to like or share? Simply take a look e.g. at ten ways to improve your digital ettiquette by The Guardian
- do the challenges and post your content using #30days30waysUK; we'll like/comment and repost where possible
- comment on / reply to posts sharing your insight

Keep it positive. Critical feedback is welcome but in the right place: fill out the feedback questionnaire at the end of the campaign or email us anytime at Trolls will be ignored or blocked to the benefit of all that want to share and learn.



- use the wrong hashtag; in the UK please make sure you use the full #30days30waysUK
- confuse the functionality of # and @reply vs @mention ; if unsure check out the linked pages from 'dummies''
- 'hard sell' anything! Instead, post links to quality free information and resources only
- 'soapbox' too much; treat social media more like a dinner party rather than just blasting your content, welcoming people and encouraging engagement positively

See you at #30days30waysUK !