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PARTNERS | Who, why and how to join

The short answer: LRFs, Cat1 and 2 responders, affiliated organizations - legal duty to communicate with the public - #30days30waysUK works!

A 'Local Resilience Forum' (LRF) is a forum formed in a police area of the United Kingdom by key emergency responders and specific supporting agencies. It is a requirement of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. LRFs are multi-agency partnerships made up of representatives from local public services, including the emergency services, local authorities, the NHS, the Environment Agency and others.

The role of Local Resilience Forums entails many legal duties which include the duty to assess risk (i.e. publish local risk register), maintain emergency plans and to inform and communicate with the public. Building 'resilience' has recently become a buzzword, meaning many things to many people, but that diversity, while perhaps confusing to some is also a real strength and asset, especially when it comes to pro-active preparedness that encompasses many diverse aspects.

#30days30ways is a proven successful method, it is OPEN and FREE to join

Measuring success is rarely straightforward, but thanks to the analytics tools available through, e.g. google, twitter, facebook and TAGs, this has become a lot easier. Our annual reports are availalbe for 2017 and 2018. These document how the campaign reaches wide audiences, creates public engagement and interaction, being represented in all areas of England (and soon in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Uptake growth 2015-2017 was an impressive 450% and a staggering 1028% in 2018 and plans are under way to expand this further, based on the successful evidence based framework thanks to @jobayeshopp, @MonikaAlMufti and the collaboration of core partners @NorthantsEPTeam, @NYorksPrepared, @LDN_prepared and many others. We share this method freely with other LRFs and partners that are interested to join and/or run their own local campaigns based on best practise. Who are the previous parters? Please see our twitter lists.

Joining #30days30waysUK is easy

The campaign runs actively every year throughout September. Resources are available all year to boost preparedness and build resilience. You are welcome to join and participate anytime. Preparedness and resilience are a 'group sport', a race where everybody wins all the time. So what are you waiting for? Join us, boost your personal resilience and raise awareness for emergency preparedness!

If you are an LRF or cat 1/2 responder join us and collaborate for 'September is Preparedness Month' #30days30waysUK via Resilience Direct. Planning usually begins early in the year but you can join anytime. Simply request access to the Resilience Direct 30days30waysUK space. If you're not yet registered on Resilience Direct, do so by getting in touch with your Local Resilience Forum or partner agencies. Only registered users can access the #30days30waysUK collaborative assets on the Resilience Direct platform.

If you are a charity/NGO consider becoming a day host or simply get on board in September by following our daily themes and joining the conversation on social media. Access free resources via 30days30waysUK shared google docs to frame your messages for maximum impact. For questions and more information (i.e. a head-start on the programme, available from July/August) simply contact us on social media or via Thanks for taking part and widening the reach of the preparedness message that concerns us all.

If you are a practitioner or individual connected to or interested in disaster risk reduction, emergency planning, business continuity etc. and want to get actively involved with #30days30waysUK please get in touch on social media or via 30days30waysuk at We would love to hear from you! In addition, as a practitioner you can access our extensive library of 30days30waysUK shared practitioner's resources. If you would like to submit papers to increase exposure and networking, simply get in touch.

September is Preparedness Month

Planning for #30days30waysUK kicks off early in the year and happens mostly 'behind the scenes' on the Resilience Direct platform - after all, we don't want to give the game away! Every year, the #30days30waysUK campaign is multi-agency and multi-stakeholder, both local and national with daily themes and activities to boost personal resilience for people of all ages and in different contexts. The countdown drum roll begins the last days of August to gather energy and excitement for the campaign start on the 1st of September when the preparedness games begin. More details on the about us page.

This year's #30days30waysUK campaign

This year's campaign will go live across social media and on the home page starting 1st September.

Diary & Events Calendar

Preparedness is not just for September. It's for every day, all year round. That's why our diary also contains relevant event listings other than #30days30waysUK. There are many brilliant campaigns happening in the UK, Europe and worldwide with which to network. Get onboard!